To help clients overcome their first encounter with digital disruption, Upstart assembles a dedicated team from its network of digital strategists and subject domain experts.

Dominic Pride

Founder and CEO

Dominic founded Upstart with a mission to reinvent consulting for disrupted times. His diverse experience in extreme growth startups and corporates, combined with structured, applied thinking all guide clients towards effective decisions.

Shona Davies

Chief Operating Officer

Shona’s experience with some of the biggest names in global consulting, health and pharma enables her to provide leadership and strategic vision. She manages growth and change at scale for clients and Upstart.

Yusuf Alzaid

Chief Commercial Officer

Responsible for Upstart’s commercial operations and strategy, Yusuf leads our marketing, sales and client services activities. He brings in-depth knowledge of the life science value chain from previous senior roles at Genioo, GLG and IQVIA, using this experience to maintain the overall profitability and competitiveness of our services.

Jon Stephens

Head of Transformation

Jon designs and delivers strategy, innovation and transformation programmes, drawing on his experience launching and scaling innovative new products and services for global pharma, media and transport businesses.

Nick FIller

Head of Mobility

Nick’s experience in telecommunications and the automobile sector enables our mobility clients to overcome disruption including autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electrification and shared ownership.

Debbie Denison

Senior Strategist

The health industry is moving quickly towards holistic and integrated digital-first solutions developed through collective ecosystem thinking rather than traditional marketing. Debbie brings this forward-thinking mindset to Upstart, applying co-design principles, end user insights and behaviour change frameworks to drive more immersive experiences and better engagement with key healthcare stakeholders.

Laura Spink

Head of Production

Laura brings a deep understanding of how to adapt, evolve and deliver creative that is on message, on brand and produced to the highest possible standard. Her creative and organisation skills enable Upstart and clients to deliver excellence at speed.

Michelle Taylor

Talent & Operations Manager

Combining the latest HR thinking with keen emotional intelligence, Michelle ensures that Upstart retains and adds to its unique blend of business talents, creative personalities and disciplined consultants. Her deep digital and IT skills power Upstart’s “deliver anywhere” model.

Oliver Charles

Market Development

Oliver spearheads our market development team. His passion for front-line digital technologies ensure that clients get a knowledgeable intro on their first engagement with us, and ensures a fit of our services to their needs.

Akeel Qureshi

Head of RevOps Technology

Akeel cut his teeth working with disruptive technology and continues to immerse himself in the latest evolutions in the field. His ability to navigate the Web2 and Web3 worlds and his knack for bridging the gap between current and future, makes him our go-to for digital engagement tools and systems.

Paul Allen


Paul’s quick thinking, entrepreneurial mindset and background in large scale transformation programmes enables our clients to navigate unpredictable business landscapes. His previous experience in scaling high-growth professional services businesses guides Upstart’s strategy.

Alistair Wickens


Alistair is a socially-motivated entrepreneur who brings a passion for positive change to client projects. He is committed to helping business leaders make a difference to their business and the world. As chair of our advisory panel he applies good governance, wisdom and empathy.

Henry Fairpo


Henry’s hands-on finance and operations background enables him to quickly establish the client’s current situation and challenges, where they need to get to, and put in place practical action plans to get them there. He is guiding Upstart’s rapid growth and ongoing professionalisation.

Roland Harwood


Roland is a compulsive connector of people and ideas. Combined with a lifelong fascination with design and innovation, he advises Upstart on how to apply best-in-class strategic thinking to all our services and client projects.

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