Alistair Wickens from Upstart

Disrupting Social Housing

Introducing social entrepreneurship into your housing business model doesn’t just make charitable sense, it also makes good business sense. As the UK government has incorporated a social value score into its 2021 procurement process, altruism has never looked more appealing.  Continuous change is critical to business model innovation; it’s a topic we’ve blogged about before …

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Nicolas Olivier Carfit

Meet the Disruptors: Carfit

Meet Carfit, the next in our series of interviews with disruptors and innovators involved in enabling and delivering emerging technologies. These are the companies driving digital disruption, changing the landscape of different industries, and challenging established and outdated systems.  This week it’s the turn of Nicolas Olivier, Co-Founder and CEO of Carfit, the company revolutionising …

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COVID-19 - The Rise of the Robots!

COVID-19 – The Rise of the Robots!

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 is driving digital disruption. This isn’t a dystopian world of robotic overlords, as depicted in the Terminator movies. It’s more akin to Jarvis from “Ironman” –  Assisting its human creator, as opposed to replacing him. Chatbots are fielding customer service enquiries, automated production lines are replacing staff shortages and robots …

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How AI Is Tackling Insurance Fraud

How AI Is Tackling Insurance Fraud

Insurance is one industry where digital technology arrived late but is having a significant impact. Away from the “insurtech” boom, it’s creating a cat-and-mouse game between fraudsters and those who want to catch them.  Our team’s insurance expert Laurence Smith explores how the industry is embracing digital tools such as voice and emotion recognition to …

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Tracking Trends Why Frequency Matters

Tracking Data Trends

Today’s disrupted data landscape leaves many businesses perplexed about how to respond. On the horizon are a host of threats, yet it’s never clear which ones deserve a response. Horizon scanning and digital trends can help you decide, but only if you are filtering and distilling that information on a regular basis, not once a …

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Joel Shopland : Behaviour Change_ Do You Have What It Takes

Behaviour Change: Do You Have What It Takes?

So? Upstart’s approach to strategy starts by defining and framing a problem statement – we then look at how we can solve that. Almost always that involves a change in behaviour of those involved in addressing the strategic change.  Behaviour change is an often-used, poorly-understood term. Our team’s expert Joel Shopland explores the backdrop behind …

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