Why Today - and Every Day - Is Day One for Us

Here at Upstart it's still Day 1. 
It was Day 1 yesterday. 
In fact it will *always* be Day 1. 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos famously relates that he was asked what happens on Day 2.

"Day 2 is stasis." he says "Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1"

We want none of that Day 2 stuff, for ourselves, our team or our clients.


So yesterday was Day 1.

We spoke to someone about our Upstart rapid breakthrough strategy product. He got it. Yet he was concerned whether his colleagues shared the same degree of urgency in the need to react to digital changes already wreaking havoc on the business. 

So we learned. We set ourselves the challenge of making what we do urgent as well as important.

Today was also Day 1.

Another conversation about how long it would take to get teams up to speed with the reality. We listened and we'll deepen and lengthen the "Understand" phase of what we do.

And tomorrow will be Day 1.

We'd love for our approach to scale. With that will come growth, scale and standardisation. We hope. But we'll always embed a culture of sensing for how needs are changing on a daily basis, acting on that insight and adapting our offering.

Build. Learn. Measure. It's the only way.

Happy Friday.

Happy Day 1, today and always

Dominic Pride