Read / Write Pharma Part 1/6: Meet Ilse

At Giant Health Event on 28 November, Chief Instigator Dominic Pride explained the concept of "read / write" pharma."  In the first of six posts we've pulled out the highlights of his storytelling MVP (Minimum Viable Presentation) on the strategic need to rewire.


Every one of our projects starts with a clear problem statement.

The biggest problem here is that our first character, Ilse is unwell.

Now Ilse isn’t real. She is a persona, an abstraction of many patients that we've come into contact with.

Her friends at the two different jobs she holds down call her Illy. Her three children call her mum. And the healthcare professionals she comes into contact with call her a semi-compliant, non-smoking female with multiple comorbidities.

Ilse’s not in hospital but she is one of the millions worldwide who suffers from the chronic illnesses which make up more than 70% of health costs in the developed world.

When she remembers,  she takes the pill her doctor prescribes. She’s also downloaded Digilive, a health app which sits on her phone alongside Facebook, Candy Crush and Citymapper. Digilive is already helping her deal with her condition and asks her how she's coping.

As we move through our story in our next few posts you’ll notice Ilse becomes smaller.  At times she disappears from view but along with millions of others she’s always there.

And still unwell.

So What? 

  • "Patients" are people.
  • People have digital lives which pharma does not, and can not control.
  • Like Ilse, unwell people use both drugs and digital therapies.

Next. We'll meet Giles.

Dominic Pride