Read / Write Pharma Part 2/6: Meet "Pharma" Giles

In our previous post we met our "patient" - Ilse, who's unwell but living a full life and managing between digital therapies and pills. Today we meet the maker of the pill, Giles.

You've met Ilse, our person or "patient" who's unwell.

Now say hello to Giles. He works for Fictitious Pharma, one of the global top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Giles is a good man, and takes it kindly when his friends down the golf club call him by his nickname “Pharma” Giles.

Giles is well-educated and successful.  He graduated some 20-odd years ago as a chemist and he’s risen through the ranks at Fictitious Pharma over the years.

So let’s take a closer look at Giles and his "stuff".


Giles is the head of the Extendane brand which treats the chronic illness Ilse suffers from. Extendane is the global market leader and has successful clinical trials to prove its clinical efficacy.

As well as the pill that Ilse takes, Extendane is available in liquid and injectable format. All of these products are manufactured to the strictest quality standards, put in boxes with a patient information leaflet and distributed around the world.

At the heart of the Extendane brand and products is a molecule. This is the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, the API which is at the heart of Extendane’s global success.

So What?

  • At the heart of its business pharma has molecules, which it terms APIs. 
  • Its success comes from minimising risk and assuring quality control.
  • Drugs and information tend to flow one way, from brand out to patients and HCPs. Pharma is read-only.

In our next post we'll see meet the successful entrepreneur behind health app Digilive.


Dominic Pride