Health on the Eve of Disruption

Digital is rewiring the business of health at speed.

Tomorrow at HealthTechXEurope we’ll be finding out the speed and scale at which health is being changed by new technologies and business models they create. Upstart - Breakthrough Strategy will be hosting the Catalyst track, where we’ll be interviewing some of the UK and European ventures changing the face of health.

One thing is for sure: the old “break-fix” model of health will be swept away.  For half a millennium, the model of creating treatments and administering them to passive patients has prevailed. Yet digital is now extending its pervasive tentacles into health, changing the game forever.  Just as entertainment is transformed beyond recognition, financial services are being shocked, health will look radically different a few years from now.

Below we’ve outlined how biomedicine  - even in today’s most sophisticated form -  is being delivered to health users today.

Upstart Future Health Model unveil at HealthtechXEurope


Tomorrow at HealthtechXEurope we’ll be unveiling our Future Health Model where we show the combination of forces and disciplines which will be reshaping the future of health.

Dominic Pride