How Digital is Rewiring Health - The Future Health Model

This morning at HealthTechXEurope we unveiled our Future Health Model, sharing it with some 250 UK and European Health Tech entrepreneurs.

In our earlier post we showed how delivery of health solutions had been about the “break-fix” model of care, administering solutions to ill people.  We’re under no illusion that the core of healthcare will continue to be about treating illness.

Yet we see a change afoot. A change enabled by digital technologies but also providing a potent cocktail to address the health challenges of the future, a world where - in the developed and rapidly industrialising  world - longevity and lifestyle choices are laying down layers of chronic disease burden.

Upstart Future Health Model at HealthTechXEurope

The health model of the future sees three other disciplines take their place alongside medicine:

Data Science. Machine learning and tools to deal with masses of patient and system-generated data will enable diagnosis and treatment of disease at scale. It can also predict and prompt the health user before they know they may have a problem. The read-write patient will generate data through sensors and data, whether actively or passively

Business Model Innovation and Collaboration. No  single organisation will have the answer to future health problems. Finding innovative business models need to be found to enable health users to access the care they need and for health payers to be able to afford it. Collaboration on a technical, commercial and marketing front will be vital to enable players to piece together the never-ending jigsaw of future health. 

Behavioural Psychology.  Advertisers use sophisticated messaging and algorithms to drive consumption. Some of this contributes to the disease burden. Personalised prompts, relevant messaging tailored to psychographic profiles have been shown to have an impact on behaviours which affect health.

Strongly linked to this is the Service Layer. Today we access health via sites and apps, Tomorrow we’ll be talking to the grown up grandchildren of Alexa, Siri and Cortana, or interacting with avatars in car, home or street.

We think this is a model of how health will come together in the future and many of the companies here today at HealthTechXEurope are building this now.  We’d love to hear what you think.

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