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Enter the Algorithmist - How AI is Transforming Healthcare

Machine learning is radically changing our healthcare systems, with algorithms complementing drugs and an AI augmenting and potentially replacing doctors. The face of healthcare is beginning to look radically different. At CogX 2018 in London last week, Hugh Harvey, Stefan Roever, Fiona Neilsen and Joanna Holbrook discussed how AI is being implemented and the surrounding challenges.

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Danger, Disruption, Cancer and AI - All In A Day’s Work

Want to understand how disruption in healthcare is happening? Take a few moments to understand the mindset of rule-breaking pioneer Stefan Roevner, who’s short-circuiting feedback loops to give tumour patients more than one shot at survival.

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Taking Giant Steps in Health Innovation

Money, experience and measuring value are key barriers to #digitalhealth #innovation according to a recent episode of Giant Health Innovators on Disruptive Live TV. Upstart’s Dominic Pride joined Naveed Parvez from Andiamo, Jenny Thomas from Digital Health London and Clinical UX specialist Dr Gyles Morrison in this episode on Disrupt Live TV.

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