Your Disruption Early Warning System

Upstart Scan gives you clear picture of fast-moving companies and helps you keep track of digital innovators


Digital technology is exploding.

Startups and scale-ups are using tech to rewire every industry at unprecedented speed.  Your established business is already being disrupted, whether you’re aware of it or not. You need a new business plan

You need to respond, now.

Your essential new innovation strategy can be to… buy, compete with, partner with, - or choose to ignore new entrants. To do that, you need to understand them, their business models and their motivations.

The challenge is finding them.

It’s time-consuming to find and compare companies, and not everyone has the time, tools or techniques to do it consistently.  

Here’s Upstart Scan:

Instead of providing a database with tens of thousands of companies, we provide carefully curated shortlist tables – making the job of finding and selecting potential partners more manageable.

Upstart Scan is a simple subscription service with three elements:

1. Curated Tables:  Bespoke lists of "need to know" data on companies which meet your criteria

2. Info Sheets: Clear, 2-page PDFs for you to share with your teams and build common understanding

3. Feedback Calls: Monthly deep-dives to fine tune the matches with your needs and re-calibrate our scanning.


The Upstart team brings together experts in innovation strategy, service design, disruption and business model analysis. Our consultants and advisors have first-hand experience inside fast-scaling startups and consumer industries.

 Download our product guide or talk to the team: