Your Disruption Early Warning System

How can you spot and keep track of digital innovators?

Upstart Scan helps you get a clear picture of fast-moving companies


Digital technology is exploding.

Startups and scale-ups are using tech to rewire every industry at unprecedented speed.  Your established business is already being disrupted, whether you’re aware of it or not.

You need to respond, now.

Your strategy as an incumbent can be to buy, compete with, partner with, - or choose to ignore new entrants. To do that, you need to understand them, their business models and their motivations.

The challenge is finding them.

It’s time-consuming to find and compare companies, and not everyone has the time, tools or techniques to do it consistently.  

About Upstart Scan


We’ve been helping clients locate and understand disruptive companies for over four years. Based on that, we designed Upstart Scan, a simple subscription service with three elements:

1. Curated Tables:  Bespoke lists of "need to know" data on companies which meet your criteria

2. Info Sheets: Clear, 2-page PDFs for you to share with your teams and build common understanding

3. Feedback Calls: Monthly deep-dives to fine tune the matches with your needs and re-calibrate our scanning



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