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Supporting a major change in strategic direction

Find out how Upstart mobilised in three weeks to support a nine-figure strategic decision.

Client Profile

About: Upstart assembled points of view, best practice and future tech insights from within and outside of this pharma giant in just three weeks to support a radical change of strategy.

Industry: Healthcare / Pharma

Location: Europe


The strategy director of the EMEA division needed evidence and rationale to support a major change of direction.


  • Company understood intellectually the need for change, but needed more information.
  • Viewpoints were focused on change vs status quo, rather than on future needs.
  • There was a knowledge gap in terms of describing best practice or positive examples outside of health.
  • Aggressive timelines: three weeks to a key stakeholder meeting.

Delivering strategic insight at speed to support radical change of direction


  • Templated Focus approach to shorten timelines to commercial agreement.
  • Rapid mobilisation thanks to our cloud native model.
  • Deep integration with client produced constant visibility and dialogue.
  • Crowdsourcing of best practice outside of industry enabled “outside in” view while maintaining client confidentiality and compliance.
  • Extreme Presentation technique ensured ExCo-grade materials supported arguments for change.


  • Faster commercials and mobilisation meant we hit the aggressive deadline.
  • Collaborative approach enabled close dialogue and minimised risk of awkward last minute “reveals”.
  • Client had high-level points of view for industry.
  • Stakeholder was able to influence and build agreement for strategic change.

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