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Voice interfaces for patient treatment management

Albert Health identifies opportunities for expansion in new markets thanks to 90-day roadmap created by Upstart.

Client Profile

About: Albert Health, a fast-moving European start-up delivering natural language voice support for patients with chronic conditions.

Industry: Pharma

Location: U.K


Albert Health wanted to refocus its strategy and prioritise activities to enter new markets and grow the business.


  • Energise decision making against background of rapid scale up and intensive product development.
  • Identify and profile the options for expansion into new markets.
  • Determine the key strengths of the business in each of those new markets.
  • Make a decision about the initial direction.

Albert Health now has a complete understanding of its six target markets and the technology that best matches local healthcare demographics and regulation.


  • Intensive workshop, involving all Albert Health key decision makers (CEO, CMO and CTO), delivered remotely.
  • Provocation session, encouraging open dialogue about the future of the product with health sector expert.
  • Creative and lateral thinking exercises to help each individual articulate their perspective on the business.
  • Co-creation of a 90-day roadmap with KPIs.
  • Follow-up session at the 30, 60 and 90 day mark to hold Albert Health stakeholders accountable.


  • Rapid move from analysis to action, including hiring, sales initiatives, monthly active users and more.
  • Most targets set in the initial 90-day roadmap met or exceeded.
  • Strategic and reflective aspect of the workshop provided Albert Health with a perspective that is normally out of reach when running a business.

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