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11 December 2017

By Insights Team

Innovation Reporter, Upstart

We couldn’t talk about Giant Health Event  without sharing the SensoryXD Fashion Catwalk Show. The event highlighted the importance of desirability in the success of  wearable and healthtech products - something that so often loses out to functionality particularly in tech.  The show, coordinated by Stephanie Pau, also showcased some genuinely useful technology that could soon have a real life impact for people with movement disorders.

Walk With Path were there to showcase their awesome product, Path Finder,  specifically designed to combat Freezing of Gait. This phenomenon is a common issue with walking for people with Parkinson's Disease and other movement disorders and is an important risk factor for falls. It is a shoe attachment which uses a laser that projects visual cues on to the floor to guide stepping movements for the corresponding foot.

The laser light in front of each foot for Walk with Path's product Path Finder acts as a visual cue to guide the movement for the following step for people with Parkinson's Disease and other movement disorders.
Danielle Jordan's collection was inspired by the rewiring of nerves, prosthetic technology and our perception of our own bodies.
The models and dancers at the end of the show.

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